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Enhancing the graphics before making the trailer

25 December 2014

When I started recording in-game footages for the trailer, I actually find out that many things had to be reworked ! From shadow bugs inside the buildings, to meshes with parts of geometry messed up, inadequate props, lack of particles effects, etc...

There are a lot of things I made when I was beginning with modelling and level designing and which now doesn't meet the standard of quality I am trying to reach. In order to have the best graphics for the trailer, I decided to make a global review of the graphics by remaking all old assets and adding more details to the map !

So here are some screenshots of the game with enhanced graphics :

boss alien exiting from the depot
A boss alien exiting from the depot

fighting the spitters aliens
Fighting the spitters aliens, avoid their acid spits !

inside the restaurant
More details were added to the interior of the restaurant

fighting on the roof
It is now more easy to climb on roof, as for you as for the aliens !

inside of the depots
More details inside the depot

I have also worked a lot on the buildings to fix their lightmaps, geometries and to add lot of details ! For this I have created and added graffitis, garbages assets, scrap metal, etc... You can enter in each building and of course climb on their roof to resist the aliens !

Here are the three buildings of the map :

The garage

The restaurant

The depot

The graphics are of course not comparable to modern AAA games, but I find them all right for the moment. So now, the main task remaining is the alien's artificial intelligence ! It's a lot of coding and testing but it will be very important for the gameplay... and the trailer ! At work !

Thank you very much for having read this news to the end ! Don't hesitate to tell me what you think about !
You can visit this link to the website to have a full description of the game.


All weapons have been done !

29 November 2014

The Alien Wasteland Promo

This month, I have been working a lot on the weapons and I have finally managed to have all of them working and completed !

Without considering the grenades, the gas cans, etc, you will find 9 weapons in the game. They all have their own way of use and some of them will be more efficient during a specific situation or against one kind of alien.


While a lot of weapons will appear through the game, remember that you can keep only four weapons with you ! One melee weapon (baseball bat), one pistol (revolver, pistol) and two heavy weapons (hunting rifle, machine gun, etc...) . This is why you will have to think clearly which weapons you want to keep with you. However, the weapons you drop on the ground will stay there and so you can always pick them later !


About the ammunitions, most weapons share the same one, but the same ammo fired with another weapon may inflict more damages, so use them smartly to avoid wasting !


The first weapon you will find in the game, it is useful to rapidly smash any aliens of moderate size who could have managed to reach you !

baseball bat


LIGHT AMMO A rapid semi-auto firing pistol with 12 rounds that can take few aliens down before having to reload. Great for getting ride of some roaming aliens without having to waste heavy ammo.



LIGHT AMMO Similar to the pistol but with only 6 powerful rounds, it is made to get ride of some bigger roaming aliens !



LIGHT AMMO A sub-machinegun with a high rate of fire but which inflict only small damages, it is mostly useful against large concentration of weak aliens. You better avoid using it on b aliens because it would chew up all your ammo !



HEAVY AMMO A good old lever-action rifle with a capacity of 6 cartridges. While the rifle may seis too slow to be efficient because of the need to pump after each shot, it has a great accuracy, can inflict a lot of damages and can penetrate things and aliens ! It is meaning that if you place yourself where you have a bunch of aliens aligned, you can take thi down with only a single shot !

This way, you can eliminate a group of aliens from a long distance, especially the spitter aliens who are attacking from long ranges.

hunting rifle


HEAVY AMMO A powerful automatic rifle with a slow fire rate but which inflict a good bunch of damages. Much better for concentration of b aliens, there is however a big recoil so you need some skill to handle it efficiently. The fired bullets has also some penetrations abilities.

hunting rifle


BUCKSHOT AMMO A pump shotgun which fires a very powerful shot on a small and accurate radius. The spread of the leads is reduced making it a great weapon against b aliens at middle range. It is also very efficient against compacted groups of aliens since the leads has also some penetration abilities.



HEAVY AMMO A machine gun with a large camembert magazine. Just fire and spray ! It is efficient at almost any situations but it does require a lot of ammo and the bullets doesn't penetrate aliens.

tommy gun


Hehehe, this one I would like to keep it secret because it is the last weapon you will find in the game. I can however tell you that it has big destructive abilities ! It allows you to get ride of entire waves of aliens with only few shots ! But it is not a rocket launcher


So now, what about the development ? It has made a great progress and the game is more and more approaching to it's final version, ready to be released to the public. This is why the next news will be the video trailer of The Alien Wasteland !

But before this, here are the major tasks to be done :

  • Making the aliens to be able to easily track the player wherever he is, inside the buildings, inside small rooms, on the roofs, between two containers, etc...
  • Making the musics of the games, adding more sound effects and recording voice for the character of the player.
  • Many minor tasks like creating the cinematics, animating the car, implementing FaceFX to the character's face, fixing bugs.


About the possibility of having support for multilayer modes, especially coop mode so you may fight the alien waves with your friends or people on the Internet, this is something I am very interested in but if I start working on it I won't be able to release the game at the end of year.

This I why I plan to work on it and add it as free update after the game has been released ! So you guys can have some training before jumping on the multi !

Thank you very much for having read this news to the end !


New weapons, animations and much more !

31 October 2014

Since the September news I haven't posted much pictures of what has been done, this is why I was thinking it would be a good idea to summarize the development of these last times.

After working a lot on the map and on the buildings, I decided to make some coding by creating the inventory system and the ability to grab weapons and item on the ground spawned by the game after each alien wave. It is also possible to drop the weapons you don't want any more since you can only carry a limited number of guns, so choose smartly the weapons you want to keep !

Grab the best weapon you find and drop the less efficient

After each alien wave, a diesel can will also spawn somewhere in the map. You will have to find it before the next alien wave begin and drop it on the car. You win the game if you manage to defeat enough alien waves to collect all the cans. Grabbing the cans and dropping thema are done the same way as with the weapons, excepted that when carrying a can you run much slowly and you can not shoot, making you a vulnerable prey for the aliens !

Find and collect all the cans before the aliens come back !

I also implemented the animations and the code to be able to throw grenades at any moment, making it perfect for when you run out of ammo but still have a concentration of aliens near you !

If you need a bigger fire power for a short amount of time, use grenades !

While coding, I also created a lot of animations for the weapons (deploying, reloading, dropping, etc...) but also remade the previous old one which I wasn't satisfied with.

New animations for the hunting rifle

While developing, I also tried to make the game more popular around the net by creating a Facebook page, running a Twitter account and adding the game to the Steam Greenlight Concept (it is not yet the "real" Greenlight). So if you like my work, feel free to visit and share these links !

So what is now coming for the next update ? It's simple, the trailer ! A short video showing the best of the game and all it's features ! However, there are still a lot of work remaining before being able to start recording. It is mostly about the aliens and their behaviours, but also about some details like the boxes of ammunition, particles effects, ambient sounds, musics, finishing the last weapons, etc...

Anyway, I have overall achieved a great part of the development and I am more confident than ever about finishing and releasing this game ! Many thanks for having read this news to the end.


P.S. Sorry for the videos with no sounds, but I actually recorded these footages for short animated GIFs before realising how heavy they were in the GIF format...

Redesigning the level and buildings

14 September 2014

If you have checked the game this last month, you may have see that I have been working a lot on modelling and I have managed to add a bunch of content which has given a great enhancement for the gameplay of The Alien Wasteland. There are now 3 detailed buildings on the map fully explorable from inside to the roof where you may found weapons and items randomly spawning through the waves of aliens.

re-designing the level of the beta 2
The garage

breaking the glass
Breaking the glass

beta 2 testing
Aliens coming from the restaurant

Beta 2 testing
Combats inside the restaurant

beta 2 testing
Aliens can also get on the roof !

You can now try a lot of different tactics to resist against the aliens. By either camping on the roofs, sprinting on the desert or staying inside. You will however have to move some time to upgrade your weapon or just to escape an incoming alien boss !

While the game is playable and actually not so far from being complete, a lot of work is still remaining :

  • Enhancing the artificial intelligence of the aliens - It is really stupid to see an alien blocking into a wall/corridor ! Thus, I am working hard on the AI of the aliens to make them able to reach any place from anywhere with a realistic behaviour. It is not easy because I have to think an entire system of navigation, but the goal is simple : Taking an alien from it's spawn to the player !
  • Working on the weapons - While I have been busy this month with the buildings, I haven't much worked on the weapons but this is what I am going to do now. There will be 9 weapons on the game and there is actually 5 almost completed, although you can't see in the pictures but more works has to be done for the animations.
  • Creating the player's character - Yes ! Right now I have only show the aliens that I have almost done, but still nothing about the main character. I have made an already good character but it is not entirely finished. I also plan to make it supporting lips and facial movement for dialogues and cinematic by using FaceFX.
  • Musics - I have not really been thinking about, but this is also going to be a important job since the game will be much rhythmic. I will see what I can do to create some nice musics for.

level design
The game inside UDK editor

buildings workout
Modelling the garage

So this is shortly what I plan to work on now. I have done most of the features like the weapon inventory/spawning system that are already implemented but which I may still update to fix bugs and gameplay grips.

I will be happy if you subscribe to track the game and feel free to post some comments ! Don't forget to watch out the website where I added some cool stuffs !