Zombie Road Rider



Zombie Road Rider is an open world zombie car racing game !
Drive through hills and forest to road kill the undeads !
Rescue the survivors escaping the zombies, complete race laps or simply ride around !

Unlock all vehicles such as muscle car, truck, humvee and even armored sport car.

Play and achieve the best online score !



Here are the vehicles you can unlock and drive in Zombie Road Rider!

Muscle Car

The muscle car is polyvalent vehicle that combines speed and maneauvrability to road ride zombies ! It is fitted to rescue survivors and complete race laps ! Beware that it does not take damages very well.

Monster Truck

Slow but deadly, the monster truck is great in free ride mode to roll over zombies or doing cascades as it may have more luck to get back to it’s wheels ! 


The truck is an unstoppable heavy vehicle that will crush any zombies on its way. Although it might be slow it has a great stability when driving it and will be of a great help when rescuing survivors.

Sport Car

The sport car is a very lightweight and fast vehicles that can achieve great speed in a real quick time ! It is best suited to complete race laps but is more vulnerable to obstacles and zombies due to its low inertia !


The UAZ is a russian military car which has a powerful engine to crush zombies on it’s yet has still a good maneuverability to avoid obstacles and trees.


The humwee is a heavy armored military car that is invulnerable to damages or zombies attacks ! You can safely road kills any undeads on your way ! It is however less maneuverable due to its heavy weight !