If you have checked the game this last month, you may have see that I have been working a lot on modelling and I have managed to add a bunch of content which has given a great enhancement for the gameplay of The Alien Wasteland. There are now 3 detailed buildings on the map fully explorable from inside to the roof where you may found weapons and items randomly spawning through the waves of aliens.Re-designing the level of the Beta 2
The garage

Breaking the GLASS
Breaking the glass

Beta 2 testing (part 1)
Aliens coming from the restaurant

Beta 2 testing (part 1)
Combats inside the restaurant

Beta 2 testing (part 1)
Aliens can also get on the roof !

You can now try a lot of different tactics to resist against the aliens. By either camping on the roofs, sprinting on the desert or staying inside. You will however have to move some time to upgrade your weapon or just to escape an incoming alien boss !

While the game is playable and actually not so far from being complete, a lot of work is still remaining :

  • Enhancing the artificial intelligence of the aliens – It is really stupid to see an alien blocking into a wall/corridor ! Thus, I am working hard on the AI of the aliens to make them able to reach any place from anywhere with a realistic behaviour. It is not easy because I have to think an entire system of navigation, but the goal is simple : Taking an alien from it’s spawn to the player !
  • Working on the weapons – While I have been busy this month with the buildings, I haven’t much worked on the weapons but this is what I am going to do now. There will be 9 weapons on the game and there is actually 5 almost completed, although you can’t see in the pictures but more works has to be done for the animations.
  • Creating the player’s character – Yes ! Right now I have only show the aliens that I have almost done, but still nothing about the main character. I have made an already good character but it is not entirely finished. I also plan to make it supporting lips and facial movement for dialogues and cinematic by using FaceFX.
  • Musics – I have not really been thinking about, but this is also going to be a important job since the game will be much rhythmic. I will see what I can do to create some nice musics for.

The game inside UDK editor

Buildings workout
Modelling the garage

So this is shortly what I plan to work on now. I have done most of the features like the weapon inventory/spawning system that are already implemented but which I may still update to fix bugs and gameplay grips.

I will be happy if you subscribe to track the game and feel free to post some comments ! Don’t forget to watch out the website where I added some cool stuffs !