Some pictures of the “Night Ops” mission with the Ka-50

Following the development of the single player campaign, more missions were created taking action on different places and during various moments of the day.

Here is a mission which takes place during the night and where the player will have the opportunity to pilot the Kamov Ka-50 inside enemy territories.

The goal in this mission is to destroy a bridge used by the mutants to cross a river and attack allies positions.

It won’t be easy because the area is full of mutants troops armed with anti-aircraft weapons and even worst, the only missiles capable of destroying the bridge are still to be found in one of the settlements around the road.

Mutants are occupying the settlements, so destroy them before landing. A friendly commando unit is hiding in the forest with three trucks where you will be able to refill there with ammo if needed.

Each settlements is holding ammo and rockets for your helicopter, but you will have to find the one which contains these missiles. Once you found them, load them into your helicopter, blast the bridge and then pull out !

Since progress of the development of the campaign has been going well, the next step is now to work on the menu, the helicopters, missions unlocking system, the subtitles and other things which are more related to the gameplay.

In the meantime, the game is getting more and more close to be released on Steam !

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Progress in the development of the single player campaign

During these last days, a lot of work has been going on the creation of a complete single player campaign that the game will feature, and one of these missions has just been completed and is now in a playable state.

In this mission, an allied army is in a massive retreat and the objective is to support the allied troops on the ground to evacuate the area and battle their ways against multiples ambushes coming from the bio-mutants overhanging the place.

The helicopter available in this mission is the Apache AH-64, which will introduces to the game the new gameplay mechanics of a long-range combat by using guided missiles and high zoom cameras.

Completing this mission will unlock the Apache AH-64 and make possible to play the mission again with a previous unlocked helicopter.

This is a quite large mission and a lot of units are disposed all around the place, however it may be required to act quickly since too much casualties on the allied troops will result in the mission failing

One challenge will also be to land often on multiple buy zones to supply with ammunitions but without crashing the helicopter !

Some works have also been done on more minors features of the game, like the views around the helicopters and the gameplay.

Anyway, it is a progress in completing the game enough to release a playable version as an Early Access.

The next mission is taking action during the night and is also very close to be completed ! More informations coming in the next news soon.

Thanks for reading and you may also check the previous game I have been working on, Action Alien.

Some bugs fixes and improvements for Action Alien

After all the updates and improvements that the game has been receiving since its release, it has proven to be quite solid. Although there are some occasional minor bugs which were reported through the time, I decided to take the time to fix them and push a new update for Action Alien.

The first issue was that sometimes, pick-able objects in the game like keys, food, weapons, etc… would sometimes fly over a long distance when bumped by debris thrown by aliens when breaking up inside a building. While most of the times it was not a serious distance, it could get pretty bad when the object would fell into an inaccessible or forbidden place. This issue was fixed by tweaking the collision settings.

Another commonly reported bug was that in the petrol station map, some aliens were getting stuck when crossing the cliffs around the petrol station. For this reason I improved the path finding in this level and it seems that the aliens are now managing to avoid getting trapped between the cliffs.

To make sure these issues were correctly addressed and that no other ones were left, I decided to make a complete walk through of the game and record it. I still haven’t finished it but here are some walk-through for the 3 main maps of the game. I also added a head bobbing movement to the player view in order to improve a bit the immersion of the gameplay, and more informations in the menu of the game about the new homepage of the game.

A complete change log for the game is available in this Steam post here :

The homepage of Action Alien has also been greatly improved, with a new enhanced flexible design which gives a better overview and description of the game :

I have also launched, a website where you can find all the games I have been working on, and especially the one I am working now : Aerial Destruction.

It is a helicopter game featuring a semi-realistic arcade gameplay with colourful graphics where the goal is to destroy armies of bio-engineered mutants during a complete single player campaign followed by multiple missions.

The game has been Greenlit and should be available in Early Access soon ! Check it out the home page for more description or the Steam page Thanks for reading,

Aerial Destruction has been Greenlit !

Aerial Destruction has just been Greenlit ! Thanks to everyone who voted for the game and who gave some support !

More news about the development will be coming soon so you will be able track the progress until the game is released on Steam as an Early Access.


Aerial Destruction launched!

After announcing the game and submitting it to IndieDB, I would like to give a concise description about and a quick overview of the main features.

Aerial Destruction
 is a helicopter game featuring a semi-realistic arcade gameplay with colourful graphics where the goal is to destroy armies of bio-engineered mutants during a complete single player campaign followed by multiple missions.


There are many helicopters to unlock and each one come with its own tactic and weapons. The MH-6 Little Bird is a little combat helicopter fast but with low health, its two miniguns and small rockets are efficient in quickly storming enemy units. The AH-64 Apache, armed with a 30mm cannon and Hellfires, is great to eliminate targets within a large distance and in a stationary fly.

The gameplay evolves as the more you progress in the game, the more helicopters you can try !


The game consist in a complete single player campaign with a varied set of missions where sometimes the objectives will be to assist friendly units on the grounds against a numerically superior enemy, and sometimes to storm alone hostile positions and convoys. For each mission completed, you unlock a new helicopter which can be played with the previous missions as well.

Defensive Missions

Along the campaign are included defensive missions where the goal is to choose a helicopter and protect an allied position for as long a possible against waves of mutants. Each time you defeat a wave you earn credits which after landing on allied positions can be spent to improve your helicopter and buy more powerful weapons and rockets to hold on the either growing army of mutants !


The controls are simple and user friendly, so you can jump in the game and immediately start piloting the helicopters while still feeling the immersion of being inside with the realistic physics !


  • A complete single player campaign with missions ranging from defending military outposts, destroying enemy convoys or buildings and supporting allied troops in assaulting enemy front lines.
  • Defensive missions where the goal is to protect a position for as long a possible against waves of mutants using unlockable armaments and helicopters.
  • Many unlockable helicopters having each one its specific armament, tactic and gameplay.
  • Battles with large concentrations of allied and hostile troops composed of infantries, armed cars, tanks, buildings, etc…
  • Helicopters easy to fly with views inside the cockpit and behind.
  • Support for Steam achievements, trading cards and cloud.
  • Playable with Xbox-like gamepads


The development has been going very well for 6 months and the game has already reached a good level of completion. The core gameplay is done and while some levels are completed and in beta test, some others are still being created. Many helicopters are also functional and more are planned to be added later. Overall graphics, levels and assets will be improved before the full release.


If being Greenlit the game should be released shortly in Early Access for a small price, and after being updated and improved, the full release should come not too long after that ! The game will evolve according to the feedback of the community.

If you ever wanted a fun helicopter game where you could quickly jump in and play without the hassle of learning the complex controls of a flying simulator, then this might be the game for you !


Along Steam Greenlight, I have also launched a small crowdfunding campaign at IndieGogo for Aerial Destruction, the goal is mostly to gather a bit of funds to finance the creation/acquisition of high quality assets for the maps and the helicopters, and to improve the overall graphics of the game. Hopefully the programming has been pretty much done, so even if the crowdfunding fails it would not impact the gameplay too much.

If you like the game then don’t hesitate to give a small contribution as you will after that receive a Steam key of the game as soon as it is available here !

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