Leaderboards and online stats!

The Leaderboard was added to the game and it will now track the number of zombies kills while playing !

You can see your zombies kills count and compare it with others players from the menu or from Steam here https://steamcommunity.com/stats/1175640/leaderboards/3905971/

The game scoring system was also resigned around zombie kills to unlock parts of the game.

Reworks were also done on the user interface to have less elements displayed on the screen and more space to focus on the actual gameplay.

Hoping the game will be more fun, you may have to replay to unlock the features with the zombies kills count instead of the classical score !


Full controller support added !


The full controller support has been added to the game ! You can now play the game with any xbox-like gamepads directly from Big Picture or on your TV screen.

There was also a rework of the menu and HUD to take the adding of controller support into account and to display the controls layout on different parts throughout the game !


Fix for achievements


Issues with achievements appeared after the launch of the game so an update has been pushed which is fixing the issues and now all achievements should unlock.

Just update the game and start a mode and when you return to the menu it should fix all previously bugged achievements that were not unlocked.


Zombie Road Rider released!

Hi everyone !

I am very pleased to annouce that Zombie Road Rider has finaly been released today in Early Access !

More work will be done on the game but as of now I hope you will enjoy it and please remember that if you find a bug just let me know in the forum so it can be taken care of !


Zombie Road Rider !

Hi everyone !

I just wanted to let you know about Zombie Road Rider, an upcoming zombie car racing game made with Unreal Engine 4 !

Which has

  • A large open world forest
  • 3 cars
  • Tons of zombies
  • Crazy physics
  • Survivors to rescue !

I hope you will like it !