New trailer with improved graphics !

When I released the first trailer and started promoting the game at Steam Greenlight about two months ago, I have been receiving a lot of feedback and comments especially about the graphics that were too low in quality.

This is why I decided to greatly improve the graphics and update all the media about the game. So after the screenshots, here is the trailer with the improved graphics ! Don’t forget to watch it in HD !

Featuring in-game cinematic and gameplay, you can now have a good idea of how the game will looks like, but since it may not be final don’t hesitate to tell me what you think about !

About the development, I decided to change the plan in two main points :

  • Leave for the moment all additional features I wanted to add like multiplayer, map editor, more maps, etc…
  • Make a short and polished playable version of the game as soon as possible so I can start having feedback from the players.

This way I will be able to release the game sooner and understand which things I have to improve !

So it’s all for now, I would like to thank everyone who voted for the game at Steam Greenlight and posted comments here ! Talking of Greenlight, during the moment I write these lines the game is at 73% to be Greenlit !


Graphic update !

About more than two weeks have passed since I have released the trailer and announced the game at Steam Greenlight, it is now at 56% to the Top100 and I have received a great amount of feedback ! Most of them was very positive, but a lot of people noticed me that the graphics was bad and after seeing the screenshots, I couldn’t… agree more !

The reason is that I am a young and new developer and this game is the result of a lot of experimenting and testing with the goal of creating a short but nice entertaining action FPS game. After creating the base map for the game with basic props and textures, I have been very busy with programming the game, the weapons, the aliens, etc… that at the end I became familiar with the low-res graphics !

So this is why after a lot of work, I have managed to greatly improve the graphics of the first version of the game you may have seen in the trailer and it’s now much better. For this, I have used better textures with higher resolution for the desert and the props, I have entirely remade the textures for the aliens and completely re-sculpted the spitter alien. I also remade the weapons and the car. One last thing was also to add more details in the map.

Of course, it’s still very underneath the graphics of a modern AAA games, but my goal with the graphics is only to be enjoyable to watch !

Re-textured regular alien with teeth.
The spittter alien has been entirely remade !
Re-textured walker alien with teeth.
The car and petrol can has been re-made, better textures and more details has been added to the desert.
The weapons have been remade and some are now more modern.
Added much more details

Now that I am done with the screenshots, my next task is to remake and reupload the trailer with the updated graphics ! At work !


Check out the trailer !

After a month of work fixing the alien’s artificial intelligence, creating the animations, placing cameras and playtesting, I have finally managed to release the trailer ! Here it is !

NOTE : The low-res graphics you can see in this trailer are not final for the game and has been considerably reworked now ! A lot of things have been changed, so this trailer is actually more to give an idea of the atmosphere of the game and it’s gameplay ! Watch the screenshots to see the improved graphics.

The trailer was the last thing I missed to submit the game at Steam Greenlight, so it is now submitted and it is up to the community to vote for. So if you like the game please vote for it at Greenlight !

Now that I am done with the trailer, I can spend full time working on the game itself ! The game is actually in it’s beta stage and is well playable, but there is still many things which must or which I would like to implement :

  • Implementing a simple cooperation mode where you can complete the game with people online or with friends in a LAN.
  • Adding a support for creating new maps and sharing them on the Internet. It is already possible to set from the map editor how many waves of aliens to spawn, from where the aliens will come, where to spawn the weapons, what kind of aliens to spawn, etc… The community mappers will also be able to trigger events after a specific wave that could open a door or a way to a new area, thus creating advanced maps with their own story line and gameplay mechanic. They could also tweak the alien waves to create maps with endless waves.
  • Improving the graphics, especially the aliens, the desert and the weapons !

However, adding support for creating custom maps won’t be easy since it’s seems that UDK has some terrible lacks for shipping a game with a custom map editor. But I’ll try to find a way out, if you know any tips about this it would be very helpful to contact me…Thank you very much for having read this news to the end ! Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think about !

Enhancing the graphics before making the trailer

When I started recording in-game footages for the trailer, I actually find out that many things had to be reworked ! From shadow bugs inside the buildings, to meshes with parts of geometry messed up, inadequate props, lack of particles effects, etc…

There are a lot of things I made when I was beginning with modelling and level designing and which now doesn’t meet the standard of quality I am trying to reach. In order to have the best graphics for the trailer, I decided to make a global review of the graphics by remaking all old assets and adding more details to the map !

So here are some screenshots of the game with enhanced graphics :

A boss alien exiting from the depot
Fighting against the spitters aliens, avoid their acid spits !
More details were added to the interior of the restaurant
It is now more easy to climb on roof, as for you as for the aliens !
More details inside the depot

I have also worked a lot on the buildings to fix their lightmaps, geometries and to add lot of details ! For this I have created and added graffitis, garbages assets, scrap metal, etc… You can enter in each building and of course climb on their roof to resist the aliens !

Here are the three buildings of the map :

The garage
The restaurant
The depot

The graphics are of course not comparable to modern AAA games, but I find them all right for the moment. So now, the main task remaining is the alien’s artificial intelligence ! It’s a lot of coding and testing but it will be very important for the gameplay… and the trailer ! At work !

Thank you very much for having read this news to the end ! Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think about !

All weapons have been done !

This month, I have been working a lot on the weapons and I have finally managed to have all of them working and completed !

Without considering the grenades, the gas cans, etc, you will find 9 weapons in the game. They all have their own way of use and some of them will be more efficient during a specific situation or against one kind of alien.


While a lot of weapons will appear through the game, remember that you can keep only four weapons with you ! One melee weapon (baseball bat), one pistol (revolver, pistol) and two heavy weapons (hunting rifle, machine gun, etc…) . This is why you will have to think clearly which weapons you want to keep with you. However, the weapons you drop on the ground will stay there and so you can always pick them later !


About the ammunitions, most weapons share the same one, but the same ammo fired with another weapon may inflict more damages, so use them smartly to avoid wasting !


The first weapon you will find in the game, it is useful to rapidly smash any aliens of moderate size who could have managed to reach you !

The weapons of The Alien Wasteland


LIGHT AMMO A rapid semi-auto firing pistol with 12 rounds that can take few aliens down before having to reload. Great for getting ride of some roaming aliens without having to waste heavy ammo.

The weapons of The Alien Wasteland


LIGHT AMMO Similar to the pistol but with only 6 powerful rounds, it is made to get ride of some bigger roaming aliens !

The weapons of The Alien Wasteland


LIGHT AMMO A sub-machinegun with a high rate of fire but which inflict only small damages, it is mostly useful against large concentration of weak aliens. You better avoid using it on strong aliens because it would chew up all your ammo !

The weapons of The Alien Wasteland


HEAVY AMMO A good old lever-action rifle with a capacity of 6 cartridges. While the rifle may seems too slow to be efficient because of the need to pump after each shot, it has a great accuracy, can inflict a lot of damages and can penetrate things and aliens ! It is meaning that if you place yourself where you have a bunch of aliens aligned, you can take them down with only a single shot !

This way, you can eliminate a group of aliens from a long distance, especially the spitter aliens who are attacking from long ranges.

The weapons of The Alien Wasteland


HEAVY AMMO A powerful automatic rifle with a slow fire rate but which inflict a good bunch of damages. Much better for concentration of strong aliens, there is however a big recoil so you need some skill to handle it efficiently. The fired bullets has also some penetrations abilities.

The weapons of The Alien Wasteland


BUCKSHOT AMMO A pump shotgun which fires a very powerful shot on a small and accurate radius. The spread of the leads is reduced making it a great weapon against strong aliens at middle range. It is also very efficient against compacted groups of aliens since the leads has also some penetration abilities.

The weapons of The Alien Wasteland


HEAVY AMMO A machine gun with a large camembert magazine. Just fire and spray ! It is efficient at almost any situations but it does require a lot of ammo and the bullets doesn’t penetrate aliens.

The weapons of The Alien Wasteland


Hehehe, this one I would like to keep it secret because it is the last weapon you will find in the game. I can however tell you that it has big destructive abilities ! It allows you to get ride of entire waves of aliens with only few shots ! But it is not a rocket launcher


So now, what about the development ? It has made a great progress and the game is more and more approaching to it’s final version, ready to be released to the public. This is why the next news will be the video trailer of The Alien Wasteland !

But before this, here are the major tasks to be done :

  1. Making the aliens to be able to easily track the player wherever he is, inside the buildings, inside small rooms, on the roofs, between two containers, etc…
  2. Making the musics of the games, adding more sound effects and recording voice for the character of the player.
  3. Many minor tasks like creating the cinematics, animating the car, implementing FaceFX to the character’s face, fixing bugs.


About the possibility of having support for multilayer modes, especially coop mode so you may fight the alien waves with your friends or people on the Internet, this is something I am very interested in but if I start working on it I won’t be able to release the game at the end of year.

This I why I plan to work on it and add it as free update after the game has been released ! So you guys can have some training before jumping on the multi !