Gameplay Update for Action Alien Tropical

This week an update has been pushed for the game which provides :

Changes in the gameplay.

  • Ammo and bombs are now located in the islands. This gives more ability to complete the game by searching the islands!
  • Aliens will now spawn differently on the islands. Some of them will be roaming around while others will be rushing at you!
  • Changes with the ambient music and fix for sounds effects
  • Fix for the aliens soldiers AI
  • Changes in the HUD map display


  • Optimization for the islands, bungalows and foliage which result in an increase of FPS!

Fix for Steam achievements being unlocked the wrong way!

More updates may come in the future, when needing to fix some issues or simply to improve the game !


Cyborg Arena UE4 released!

I am very happy to announce that the new sequel of Cyborg Arena is now available to play ! Featuring online high score and built with Unreal Engine 4 !

Check it out !


Zombie Road Rider out from Early Access!

A new update for the game which redesign the gameplay and adds new content is out !

The redesigning of the game consists in changes of elements of the interface and progression of the gameplay.

The HUD was lightened, menu remade, and zombies kill count to unlock vehicles lowered to have faster access to the best vehicles of the game!

Many in-games tips and on screen indications were added to help the player learning the game.

Difficulty was readjusted to make it harder and more challenging to complete the milestones of the game while still making it easier to unlock vehicles.

Support for Linux was also added so the game is now playable on Linux distributions!

Localization was improved to have support for English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.

As of now the game is leaving the Early Access stage ! New updates will of course keep coming with the time !

Major update for Cyborg Arena!

Following the upcoming release of Cyborg Arena UE4, the sequel of Cyborg Arena made with Unreal Engine 4.

A major update has been done to the game !

In an attempt to improve the gameplay, graphics and all other parts of the game since its release in 2017, a major update has been released to the game.

You can find the change log here.


  • Major redesign of the adventure map.
  • Redesigning of the menu.
  • Removed some intro cinematic in the adventure map.
  • Changed the buggy with a protected armored car.
  • Changed roads and access through the mountains.
  • Added firing effects with cyborgs firing fast projectiles which can be seen and dodged instead of classic and hard to cover instant hits.
  • Improved collision detection system from cyborgs projectiles to be able to take cover from cyborgs fire.
  • Redesigning of cyborgs defense lines and assault waves.
  • Redesigning of the graphics to have a more brighter and clean lighting with maps set during day light instead of dark foggy night.
  • Optimization for the landscapes and graphics.
  • Changed and simplified the ambient music.
  • Changed the classic med kit system to a health regenerating system.
  • Redesigned the in-game HUD to improve immersion in the game.
  • Added more indications messages on the screen.
  • Improved and relocated ammunition stocks on the adventure map with more visual indications to find them and in better strategic places.
  • Removed the sprint limit to be able to run faster without limit.
  • Remade the scoring system to focus on cyborgs kills count.
  • Remade the trailer and screenshots.
  • Updated the store page with the changes.
  • Added library graphics assets in Steamworks.
  • Redesigned the game icon.
  • Removed some BIK launching videos to make the game installation files lighter.
  • Redesigned the arena mode to be able to complete it after clearing the arena from all cyborgs.
  • Lowered the sound volume of weapons SFX which were too louder.
  • Remade the ending of the game.
  • Improved the driving of vehicle.
  • Relocated the different vehicles spawn points with driveable and non driveable areas.
  • Reworked the arena maps.
  • Readjusted the kill all cyborgs achievement to sync with the new update.
  • Fixed the sound issue when replenishing ammo.
  • Ammo replenishment will now also automatically fulfill the ammo inside the weapon clip.

The game will continue to receive additional update !

I hope you will like it now !

New vehicles !

In this update, new vehicles were added to the game ! The game has now 6 vehicles to unlock and you can unlock and drive these vehicles by achieving the best zombie kills when playing.

You can find above the list of vehicles which are now available with this update.

Along this update also comes the support for remote play as you can now play the game on a mobile or a tablet using Steam Remote Play, and play it with the touch screen or with a gamepad !