These are indie games from Devdan Games that are available on Steam  !

They are often on promo deals on Steam.

News concerning the development and updates of these games are posted whenever a new update or game is being released.

Works shows a gallery of development media.

Zombie Road Rider

Release date 2019

A zombie racing game where you drive in an open word forest infested of zombies !

Many game modes to play and vehicles to unlock. Muscle car, monster truck, truck, humvee etc… and zombies to road kill !


Aerial Destruction

Release date 2017

A helicopter game where you pilot helicopters and complete missions to destroy mutants !

Protect your ground forces, strike the enemy positions from the air, destroy enemy buildings ! 


Cyborg Arena UE4

Release date 2020

A shooter game where you are deployed with a powerful mini gun in a desert infested of cyborgs  !

Your mission is to destroy all camps and antennas in the area protected by lines of sentries and roaming cyborgs !


Action Alien

Release date 2015

An alien shooter game taking places in multiple environments with many weapons to grab and upgrade !

Fully destructible buildings that can be destroyed as well with your weapons as by the aliens.


Action Alien Survival

Release date 2018

A wave based alien shooter game where you fight waves of aliens in a fully destructible petrol station !

Grab new weapons after each waves of aliens and collect all the petrol cans to escape with a car ! 


Action Alien Tropical

Release date 2018

An alien shooter game where you fight aliens in an archipelago of tropical islands !

Explore the islands and the sea with your boat and blow up all aliens installations and nests ! 


Cyborg Arena

Release date 2017

A sci-fi cyborg shooter game where you escape a desert ruled by armed bandits cyborgs through destroyed military camps and vehicles.

Listen to radio communications to find out what happened and reach the extraction point  !