Following almost a year of development, Aerial destruction has just been launched as an Early Access and is now available to play.

Many tweaks are still being made and some updates with fixes should come soon, including more contents. In the meanwhile, there seems to be some difficulties with handling the gameplay controls which I would like to explain here.

The controls for helicopters in Aerial Destruction is an attempt to be close to reality, which means it doesn’t work like a first person shooter with W moving forward and A-D strafing left and right.

Instead the keys are mostly used to give engine power to the helicopter and the rest is done with the mouse.

The keys are mapped such as bellow :
W = Lift / Accelerate
S = Descend / Decelerate
A = Turn Left
D = Turn Right

The mouse is mean to be used as a joystick :
Mouse Forward = Roll Forward (nose of the helicopter points down – advance)
Mouse Backward = Roll Backward (nose of the helicopter points upper – slow down)
Mouse Left = Barrel Roll Left
Mouse Right = Barrel Roll Right

Don’t brutally push the mouse or you will loose control of the helicopter.

Piloting the helicopters requires pressing W to raise the helicopter in the air, then slowly move the mouse forward to have the helicopter rotate forward and start advancing.

The helicopter will keep rotating forward so move the mouse back to normal to stop the rotation when it is enough. To slow down the helicopter its the same excepted the mouse must be moved backward and then returned.

One last thing to say is that the cockpit view is the easiest and best to control, especially when beginning, while the behind view is nice to have an overview of the helicopter but can be hard sometimes to aim accurately.

When handled, these controls give a more intensive and immersive gameplay experience, but I will see if it is possible to implement a more airboat-like control in a next update.

Thanks for reading,