After a month of work fixing the alien’s artificial intelligence, creating the animations, placing cameras and playtesting, I have finally managed to release the trailer ! Here it is !

NOTE : The low-res graphics you can see in this trailer are not final for the game and has been considerably reworked now ! A lot of things have been changed, so this trailer is actually more to give an idea of the atmosphere of the game and it’s gameplay ! Watch the screenshots to see the improved graphics.

The trailer was the last thing I missed to submit the game at Steam Greenlight, so it is now submitted and it is up to the community to vote for. So if you like the game please vote for it at Greenlight !

Now that I am done with the trailer, I can spend full time working on the game itself ! The game is actually in it’s beta stage and is well playable, but there is still many things which must or which I would like to implement :

  • Implementing a simple cooperation mode where you can complete the game with people online or with friends in a LAN.
  • Adding a support for creating new maps and sharing them on the Internet. It is already possible to set from the map editor how many waves of aliens to spawn, from where the aliens will come, where to spawn the weapons, what kind of aliens to spawn, etc… The community mappers will also be able to trigger events after a specific wave that could open a door or a way to a new area, thus creating advanced maps with their own story line and gameplay mechanic. They could also tweak the alien waves to create maps with endless waves.
  • Improving the graphics, especially the aliens, the desert and the weapons !

However, adding support for creating custom maps won’t be easy since it’s seems that UDK has some terrible lacks for shipping a game with a custom map editor. But I’ll try to find a way out, if you know any tips about this it would be very helpful to contact me…Thank you very much for having read this news to the end ! Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think about !