Aerial Destruction



Aerial Destruction is a helicopter game taking action during battles between militaries and armed groups of bio-engineered mutants !

Featuring 3 helicopters to play, easy to fly with cockpit and behind view !

Each helicopters are using their own specific armaments, tactics, gameplay and upgradable using credits points to achieve maximum destruction !


There are 7 missions to complete.

With objectives ranging from defending military outposts for as long as possible, destroying enemy convoys.

Or storming enemy positions, supporting allied troops in assaulting enemy bases, etc…

15 achievements to unlock, with support of Steam trading cards and Steam cloud to keep all progress available on any computer.

Also playable with Xbox-like gamepads and in Ultra HD!


Here are the helicopters you can pilot in Aerial Destruction !

MD Helicopters MH-6 “Little Bird”

The MH-6 is a light and agile helicopter mostly used for special operations and close combats.

It has 2 Miniguns firing 7.62mm rounds (capacity x800) and 2 rocket pods firing 70mm rockets (capacity x38).

Boeing AH-64 “Apache”

The Boeing AH-64 Apache is an attack helicopter with various sensors and onboard avionics to destroy grounded targets within a long range.

It has 2 camera zooms, one 30mm cannon (capacity x400 rounds), 2 rocket pods firing 70mm rockets (capacity x38) and 2 missile pods (capacity x8).

Kamov Ka-50 “Black Shark”

The Kamov Ka-50 is a single-seat attack helicopter using a distinctive coaxial rotor system and used to destroy grounded targets within close range.

It is well protected and armed with a 30mm cannon (capacity x400 rounds), 2 rocket pods firing 70mm rockets (capacity x38) and 2 missile pods (capacity x8).


Missions in Aerial Destruction !

Outpost Invasion

Mutants are storming a military outpost, prevent it from being overrun and destroy all incoming convoys !

Bridge Destruction

Mutants are moving their troops across a bridge to travel the mountains, destroy the bridge to block their progression !

Frontline Assault

Militaries are attempting to destroy the main mutant base in the sector. Destroy the enemy fortifications and assist allied units in assaulting the enemy base.

Convoy Support

Military assault has been repelled and all units are retreating. Tracked by the mutants, help them leave the area before they are surrounded !

Volcanic Island

Militaries are attempting to get ride of the mutant presence in a tropical island. Defend the military camp from the multiple assaults and strike back to destroy the mutant positions !

Ancient Ruins

The ruins of an ancient temple set in the middle of an arid desert. Prevent the mutants from destroying it !

Camp Defence

The mutants are throwing all their forces to take control of a military outpost lost in the mountains. They have surrounded it and are starting to launch endless waves of assaults. Defend the camp for as long as possible !