Action Alien



Action Alien is an alien shooter set in open worlds with various destructible environments and aliens to fight !

Grab all weapons to upgrade them with perks to unlock and achieve the maximum fire-power with maximum abilities !

Fight 3 different species of aliens with bosses in a fully destructible environment as much by you as by the aliens.

8 weapons to be found in the game which can be upgraded with score points to unlock their golden versions!

Weapons are ranging from the revolver, the tommy gun to the grenade launcher

Take advantage of the perks system using score points to increase health, speed, jumps, melee kicks, etc…

19 achievements to unlock on Steam, with support of Steam trading cards!

Steam cloud to keep all progress available on any computer. Playable with Xbox-like gamepads !


Here are the aliens you will have to fight in Action Alien !



It is the first kind of alien you will encounter in the game !

They are running fast, jump above obstacles and can easily climb on roofs.

But they can only attack with their claws so you have some time to take them down before they reach you !



They are slowly and they crawl but they spit dangerous balls of acid which hurt over a small radius.

Since they are attacking from a medium range, consider the hunting rifle or the revolver to accurately take them down.

Be aware that once killed they explode into a large spit of acid!



These are massive aliens walking with a heavy noise!

They are slowly but require a lot of fire power to take them down. Explosives or shotgun shells are suited against them.

If you are running out of ammo in front of them, you will be in troubles because they can also climb on roofs !


There are 8 weapons in Action Alien. Each weapon has its own way of use and are more efficient in different situations against different kinds of aliens.

In addition of the leg kick and a pistol, you can only carry two weapons so you need to think wisely about which one you would like to keep !

Most weapons share the same ammunition but some of them may inflict more damages, use them smartly to avoid wasting !


A rapid semi-auto firing pistol with 12 rounds that can take few aliens down before having to reload. Great for getting ride of some roaming aliens without having to waste primary ammo.


Similar to the pistol but with only 6 powerful rounds, it is made to get ride of some bigger roaming aliens !


A sub-machinegun with a high rate of fire but which inflict only small damages, it is mostly useful against a large concentration of weak aliens. You better avoid using it on strong aliens because it may chew up all your ammo !



A good old lever-action rifle with a capacity of 8 cartridges. While the rifle may seems too slow to be efficient because of the need to pump after each shot, it has a great accuracy, can inflict a lot of damages and can penetrate the aliens ! It is meaning that if you place yourself where you have a bunch of aliens aligned, you can take them down with only a single shot !


A powerful rifle inflicting a good bunch of damages, much better for taking down strong aliens from a safe distance, there is however a big recoil so you need some skill to handle it efficiently. The fired bullets have also some penetrations abilities.


A pump shotgun which fires a very powerful shot on a small and accurate radius. The spread of the leads is reduced making it great against strong aliens at middle range. It is very efficient against large groups of aliens.


A machine gun with a large camembert magazine. Just fire and spray ! It is efficient at almost any situations but it does require a lot of ammo and the bullets doesn’t penetrate aliens.


The grenade launcher has some large destructive abilities ! It allows you to get ride of entire waves of aliens with only few shots ! But be careful to not hurt yourself !