With the idea of extending the playability of the game, I have added many features that will enhance the overall gameplay and make the game more integrated into Steam !

Here are the main features coming with this update :

AchievementsAbout 19 Steam achievements were added and are now unlockable ! These achievements vary from making distinguished actions during combats to completing levels and killing a number of aliens in a specific manner like with grenades or leg kicks, etc…

Trading CardsThe game has now 6 trading cards on Steam which will unlock many backgrounds related to the game to customize an user profile on Steam, as well as many emoticons usable on the forums. There are also 6 different badges starting from “Armed Hitchhiker” to “Legend of the Wasteland” !

Perk SystemNow each time you play and manage to defeat some aliens, you will earn at the end of the game an amount of points based on your actions during combats. Then with these points, you can increase from the menu your health, speed, jumps, melee kicks, etc… up to 3 levels making it possible to beat larger hordes of aliens !

Unlockable WeaponsWith these same points, you can also unlock more powerful versions of the weapons of the game. There are 2 unlockable levels for each weapon, the first being the “upgraded” version and the second being the “golden” version. Upgraded weapons often consist of simply greater magazines, fire rates and damages, but golden weapons can have some real powerful abilities like the golden shotgun firing a large amount of explosive shrapnel or the golden grenade launcher firing multiples grenades in one shot !

CloudAll these progress will be saved on the Steam cloud when you are online so if you change your computer or if your HDD had an issue the progress won’t be lost !

All these features will be of course improved over the time !

So it’s pretty much all for this update, apart of some minor fixes and some improvements for the menu, the website has also been updated too.

What is now coming next is a bunch of small maps with a new game mode named “Survival”, where the goal consist of resisting as long as possible against waves of aliens by using the increased perks and the new powerful unlockable weapons !

This next update should come soon.

Thanks for reading.