Action Alien is a shooter where you fight hordes of aliens from deserts to tropical islands with fully destructible environments, upgradable weapons and perks !

In Aerial Destruction, take off your helicopter and unleash destruction on the armed groups of bio-engineered mutants through various missions and environments.

In Zombie Road Rider, drive through a forest infested of zombies, crush all the undeads on your way, rescue the survivors and unlock all the cars with their own physics and engine!

Armed with your minigun, roam the mountains and unleash your firepower on the cyborg zombies in Cyborg Arena UE4 ! Keep moving and destroy all the facilities. Achieve the best score !

Action Alien: Survival is the first version of Action Alien set in a completely destructible petrol station with many weapons to grab and petrol cans to leave with a car.

Explore the islands with your boat and use your machine gun to clear them from the alien presence in Action Alien: Tropical

In Cyborg Arena, escape the invasion of cyborgs with a buggy and explore the desert. Listen to radio communications and destroy cyborgs and their bosses ! Also featuring an arena mode.