Update and bug fixes for Action Alien Tropical Mayhem

15 December 2018

A small update has been released for Action Alien Tropical Mayhem to address some issues with the game along adding improvements for the gameplay.

What was fixed is the kind of black hole under the water which were sometimes appearing during the game.

The aliens placements on the islands were also improved so that they can better reach you when you enter or exit an island with the boat.

Subtitles and texts from help screens were also checked to make them more helpful and clear from grammar misspelling.

A feature which was added is the ability to skip the introduction sequence by pressing the space bar.

The background picture of the menu was also replaced by dynamic in-game sequences.

After making all these changes, the trailer of the game was remade and you can watch it here !

Apart from the game, you can also check the website devdangames.com which was entirely redesigned and see all other games !

Thanks for reading,

New gameplay update for Aerial Destruction

6 December 2018

After a quite long break with the development of the game, an update has been released for Aerial Destruction which improves the gameplay experience, add new features and fixes some bugs.

What was added is the ability to enable or disable the helicopter sensor which displays red squares over enemy units as much as green squares over allied units.

While this sensor is helpful to have a clear view over all units on the map when flying at high attitude, it may sometimes hurt the immersion of the game by giving the feeling of shooting over coloured squares instead of troops and vehicles.

For this reason, you can now enable or disable the sensor depending of your preferences !

What was also done is the ability to turn on or off the in-game musics, wherever you want to listen to your own musics instead while playing, or if you simply want to play without musics.

Works were also done on the enemy units to improve their animations and to make them holding their machines guns and rocket launchers the right way.

The ragdoll physics were also improved in a way that it gives a better feeling of bullet impacts when firing at them from your helicopter's machine gun.

Finally, the menu was improved with a dynamic scene of the game used as the menu background.

So that's pretty much all, thank you for reading !


Graphics and gameplay update for Cyborg Arena

18 November 2018

About a year after its release, the game has received an update improving the graphics, gameplay and the overall ambient through the game ! By using the feedback acquired since the Early Access.

The main change is the game being made much more brighter with less darkness and post process lens, so it is easier to play and distinct the elements of the game.

Introduction cinematics were added to give a better ambient when starting the adventure map, with a deep and sharp-eyed ambient music to begin with.

About the gameplay, more buggys, medkits, barricades and ammo crates were added on the adventure map to avoid the frustration of missing them when fighting the cyborgs.

Works were also done to re-market the game, with a brand new trailer, screenshots, icon and store page.

To sum up the works, here is the change list for this update of 18 November 2018 :

Work is still being done to have the game available on Mac OS, but the task is still in its infancy.

Thanks for reading,


Action Alien : Tropical Mayhem released !

01 September 2018

Action Alien : Tropical Mayhem has been released and is now available to play !

In this game, you are a soldier sent with a boat on a archipelago of tropical islands. Armed with a revolver and a machine gun, your mission is to clear the islands from the alien presence.

Explore the sea with your boat and plan your attacks on islands infested with aliens. Blow up bungalows, buildings, aliens installations, nests on your ways to clear it from the alien presence !

Many aliens are populating the islands including hordes of dino aliens but also armed aliens with armors and bosses settled on different parts of the islands.

Use your basement boat to resupply with ammunition, grenades, medkits and bombs or to upgrade your machine gun and perks. After each time you return from battles, you will earn credits to spend !

There are achievements to unlock and support for Xbox-like gamepads and Ultra HD resolution (4K).

A lot of tests were done to the game during the development but more updates and improvements will still be coming in the future.

In the meantime, I hope you may have fun playing and don't hesitate to let me know of your feedback on the Steam forum, or report any issues you may have encountered !